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How I Work



My goal as a massage therapist is to create a treatment environment where you experience systemic restoration regardless of the reason that you are seeking care.

Massage is a superb way to achieve this.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and through positive touch, massage therapy allows direct access to your Central Nervous System (CNS) which governs your body functions.   A healthy, robust CNS has an increased capacity to direct healing, restore balance, and cope with pain and stress.

In each treatment we will:

  • Assess your current state together
  • Identify areas and patterns that are uncomfortable or painful
  • Establish and renew patterns that increase comfort and reduce pain

So, what will happen during your treatment session?

Knowledge about how massage may work has come a long way in the last 20 years.  We used to believe that massage worked mechanically to “break up adhesions and knots”.  We now know that many of the positive effects experienced after a massage are likely due to dialing down the protective signals from the brain that we experience as pain, discomfort, and distress.     I use this knowledge to help formulate my approach to treatment.  For some individuals, too much pressure can actually increase levels of inflammation and cause tissue damage.  Others may find deep pressure comforting and beneficial.

Your session may incorporate a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping therapy, scar release, passive stretching, range-of-motion, heat hydrotherapy, and trigger point therapy.  These terms describe how pressure is applied in a way that allows me to maintain accurate treatment notes of what occurs during your session and communicate to you (other healthcare professionals if need be) what approach leads to your best outcome.

The level of pressure during your session is carefully monitored and adjusted to your personal preference.  Some individuals respond well to deeper pressure, while others have conditions that require or benefit from a lighter touch.

Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs. 

A little about me:

I graduated from Denton Massage School (now Arlington School of Massage) in 2012.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology from Montana State University and worked in Inflammation and Oncology research at Immunex and Amgen for 15 years prior to becoming a Massage Therapist.   Receiving massage had such a positive impact on my life.   Massage therapy helped to successfully manage my own chronic low back pain so that I could continue to lead an active lifestyle.  The success of my own treatment inspired me to re-focus my own career path and bring massage to others!